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Our Policies


We require 24-hour notice for penalty-free cancellation of appointments.
Clients can cancel appointments by using their Yelp/FB app, or by calling the salon speaking with the front desk.

Late Arrivals

We ask that clients call the salon and notify the front desk if they will be late arriving for their scheduled appointment.
If we have not been able to contact a client 10 minutes into their appointment, the client will be considered a "no show" and their spot may be reopened and made available for clients wanting to book.
Clients who arrive late for their appointments may have their services adjusted to fit the remaining time. If this happens, the full cost of the service will still apply.

Waiting Policy

When you arrive on time and check-in, we are not ready to service your nails and have you waited for more than 30 minutes, you will get 10% off. For 45 minutes wait, you will get 15% off. Over an hour wait, you will get a maximum 20% off.


QQ Nails Spa does require a deposit (or in some cases a valid credit card on file) in order to secure bookings for groups, appointments spanning more than 3 hours, or for services taking place off-site or out of regular salon hours.


Clients may be required to fill out waivers, such as the ingrown nails waiver before undergoing treatment or consultation which details the agreed upon services between a nail technician and their client.
Our front desk, technicians will be able to go through the waiver with their client and answer any inquiries before beginning service. Refusal to sign required waivers will result in the salon being unable to complete those specific services for that client.

Service Refunds

QQ Nails Spa does not offer monetary refunds on services rendered.

We do have a 5-day policy in place on services in which a client can come back and have corrections made.